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Jan Sahas Social Development Society - Jan Sahas Madhya Pradesh

Nature of Initiative: Implementing

Location: 15 villages of 8 panchayats in Sonkatch block of Dewas district.

Project Holder: Mr. Asif Sheikh

Objectives: To ensure child rights of dalit children by mobilizing dalit communities and build leadership capacity to  address discrimination. To create movement for complete abolition of child labor & bonded labour. To  mainstream these children and ensure primary education of every children upto 14 years of age. To mobilize youths for organizing National Integrity workshops, leadership & capacity development initiatives, vocational training & awareness programmes. To create pressure on administration for regularization of govt services.

Reference Group: Dalit & marginalized community

Situation: The Dewas district of MP is characterised by discrimination, poverty, untouchability and illiteracy. The primary health centres and AWCs are defunct in the area. Dalit communities face discrimination in government health institutions and are also deprived of ongoing government schemes and programmes. Children of these marginalized families have to supplement their family income and thus get engaged in labor activities. This makes them prone to vulnerabilities like intake of drugs, child trafficking and child sexual abuse. The dalit children are deprived of elementary education in schools. PTA are non functional in the intervention area.

Project brief: Jan Sahas established in the year 1999, works for the marginalized section to make the society free from discrimination, oppression, atrocities and exploitation where dalits can enjoy their fundamental human rights. The main focus of the organisation is to bring in positive changes by creating awareness about rights, build capacities and form CBOs. It has been engaged in people's education, trainings, workshops, research, documentation, networking and advocacy.Reduction of MMR/IMR/CMR, ensuring birth registration, immunization of pregnant women and children upto 5 years, organizing health checkup camps, activation of government health centres, mobilizing community for entitlement of govt schemes, ensuring free and compulsory education to children upto age 14 years, demanding fixed wages as per government rules are some of the priority areas of Jan Sahas.

CRY support since: 2005