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Rural Development Council Tamil Nadu

Nature of Initiative: Implementing

Location: 20 villages in Denkanikottai Taluk of Krishnagiri distt, Tamil Nadu

Project Holder: Ms K Gowri

Objectives: # Protecting and promoting the rights of Irula tribal children in term sof education, health and childhood with dignity. # To undertake baseline data study to understand the exact status of Irula tribes and their children. # To facilitate basic amenities in the villages through community mobilisation and collectivisation process. # To sensitise community to prevent child marriages and fight against child labour. # Address issues related to malnutrition.

Reference Group: Adivasi Irula community, focus on women and children

Situation: Krishnagiri district in TN has a very high forest cover and is primarily agrarian in nature with 40% cultivable area. The reference Irula tribes live in 42 villages, most of which are located at the edge of forests. The Irula villages are completely alienated and isolated and totally deprived of basic amenities like drinking water sources, health care systems, education and transport connections. Caste and class divisions and related atrocities on the tribal communities is rampant. Culturally among the Irula tribes, men and women enjoy equal status - they do not have female feticide, dowry system or domestic violences. The area has a very high incidence of HIV / AIDS infections. Sexual atrocities in schools and other public places is common.

Project brief: Rural Development Council (RDC) aims to revive and reconstruct the Dalit identity and enable the reference tribals to collectively address issues related to violation of child rights. Their objective is to secure social, economic, political, environmental and cultural empowerment of the Irula tribal community. Over the last few years (prior to CRY support), RDC has been working with the Irula communities to build awareness on health and education, facilitate services and organise them into self - help groups. They also formed the Aranya Irula Foundation to mobilise the communities to fight for their rights. One element of success of their advocacy initiatives with the local government is the construction of 110 houses for Irula families of Kodagarai. They now need to work intensively on preventing child marriages, ensuring quality education for all children, addressing malnourishment issues and intervening to ensure women assert their rights.

CRY support since: 2010