The Story of a Committed Anganwadi Worker

Kavita, appointed as an Anganwadi Worker under Integrated Child Development Scheme in September, 2014, travels everyday from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh to Nardan Basti give children a healthy start to life.

Kavita has been teaching children below six years of age since she started working many years ago. Her love for the children in this age group is what motivated her to become an Anganwadi worker.


An Internship that Inspires

An Internship That Inspires

Blame the competitive professional environment, but very few students get to intern at a place that truly hones their skills. Fewer get to work for a cause and learn in the process. And an even smaller faction of people gets both. By a wild stroke of chance though, such opportunities do materialize.

The 5 weeks of internship at CRY were worth a lifetime of memories and experience. When you work with children, it is nearly impossible to not be plagued by the zeal that surrounds you. Their laughter and optimism is infectious.


Musahar Community_bihar

Delivered Right!

Today is a big day for Ms. Shashi Prasad. With palpable excitement on her face she stands outside the Government Hospital of Madhubani Ghat Gram Panchayat, East Champaran, Bihar. An active member of Comprehensive Health and Rural Development Society (CHARDS), a CRY supported project, she has been working very closely with the Mushahar community in the districts of Bihar, specifically in the Panchyats of Madhubanighat and Bardaha.


Anonymous Donor - Kolkata

Why Did I Give? Why Not!

Firstly, to get this cleared up, there is no particular reason or an objective in choosing to make this donation. I think we’re morally responsible to give back something to the society in whichever possible way. You see, most people have a very linear way of progressing in life. Making a career, like becoming a doctor or an engineer is probably the kids of our generation aspire to be, the brilliant and sincere ones also choose to be scholars and travel places most of us could only imagine. These are all beautiful and realistic ambitions, but on scalar levels it is a tad selfish and most of them turn into adults and they pick up a job with a responsible position in companies, which is only realistic.


tutoring the teachers

Tutoring the teacher

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
― William Arthur Ward

Teaching is the noblest profession of all. It is thus, unfortunate, that monetary covetousness has begun to tinge it.

However, there still are few people who teach out of passion, and out of sheer dedication. They do it out of the goodness of their hearts and empathy towards the kids. They are a rarity though- and CRY volunteers step up to take up this mantle of the good Samaritans.

These volunteers, who are devoted to the cause, ensure that nothing interferes with the children’s education.



Crossing Over!

It’s 10 already and the volunteer intervention area at Razabazaar is gearing up for the weekend sessions. In some time the energy of the whole place will change. The children will start chirping, their excitement will mix with the volunteers’ enthusiasm. There will be fun and frolic for which  the children wait eagerly all week.

I always knew CRY has started working in our community. And things will change! Every week I will see the “bhaiyas” and the “didis” coming and spending time with the kids. They will teach them but their approach will be quite different- there will be no boring lectures rather everyone will have so much fun! I myself am very driven when it comes to children.   I love them-I teach them-everyday I make sure to spend time with them but I wanted to do more, I wanted to do better.



The Wonder Woman from Kutch

She has been credited for not only bringing the first school in her village but also electricity, water and health facilities for women and children.  Meet the vivacious 50-year-old CRY-Child Rights champion Valuben from Sujapura Vand from Kutch in Gujarat whose fights for child rights has transformed her empty desert village into a child friendly space.

A small remote hamlet nestled within the confines of the forests in the vast region of Kutch district in Gujarat has been instrumental in changing the landscape of the region.



From taking care of her siblings, to taking care of her own future!

The Tiu family belongs to the Kolha tribes, a Schedule Tribe Community. They are marginal farmers by profession and their livelihood depends majorly on the daily wages. As a community, the Kolha tribe is extremely backwards in terms of economic and social development. Pushpa Tiu (name changed), daughter of Raman and  Kamala Tiu, is a little member from this community in Ranipokhari, Odisha. Like most of the community members, Raman and Kamala make their ends meet with great difficulty. Pushpa lives with her parents and two brothers whom she loves dearly. This is her story!



Menstruation – A Taboo No More. Period.

A schoolgirl once stained her uniform whilst on her period. The boys in her class looked on and laughed. She laughed too, at how very naive they were…

Menstrual blood is typically the only source of blood that isn’t induced traumatically. Why then is it such a sensitive issue in a society like ours where child abuse is talked about freely but god forbid someone brings up menstruation during conversation! We live in a country deeply rooted in ignorance and superstition. Young girls across India lack the support they need when they reach this crucial stage in their lives. In most homes, mothers are unable to address menstruation related queries and in schools, the teachers shy away from doing so. This led CRY, an organization that provides child relief and support, to take up the initiative to spread awareness at the grass root level last year.



Gift of a Healthy Life!

Nature is bountiful – and Odisha as a state, has received so much from nature. If one travels across the state, the changing weather and landscape is palpable. The other change that can be noticed is the change in people – their living conditions, economic stability and socio-political scenarios vary quite drastically.

Mayurbhanj is one of the largest districts in Odisha and is famous for its places of interests, mining and agricultural options and lush forest areas. However, in spite of all the opportunities, Mayurbhanj has been featured in the list of the country’s 250 most backward districts (Ministry of Panchayati Raj, 2006).



I Volunteered For A Journey…

I am a survivor of clinical depression. I confess.

I screamed at my parents, every day, every hour. I confess.

I blacked out during my first year college exams. I confess.

Shaggy hair. Unchanged clothes. Ugly crying through the night. Pills swallowed and a blade hidden under my mattress. I confess.

It was scary. It was grotesque. It was madness. I confess.

Though that changed. Not over a day. Not over a single mail. Not over a single orientation. It took a week, a few months and a couple of years.


Child Labour



India, our motherland is a very versatile country. We have different regions with different territorial variations, cultures and values spanning across various regions in thousand different ways, traditions flowing in our blood, customs that are a part of every Indian household.

These customs and values hold us together and bind us in one nutshell; hence we live by the true spirit of being an Indian. Although India is proud of its achievements, we also have major social issues to be addressed in the country.


About Us

Child Rights and You (CRY) is an Indian non-profit that believes in every child’s right to a childhood – to live, learn, grow and play. For nearly 4 decades, CRY and its 200 partner NGOs have worked with parents and communities across 23 states to ensure sustainable change in the live of over 2 million underprivileged children.