Our Indian population is primarily young. Approximately 40% of our population is made up of children below the age of 14 years. Being dependent and voiceless, our laws and policies treat children as non-entities and ignore their responsibility to understand and provide for their needs.READ MORE

Rally for Right to Resources in Kerala

Vibhava Avakasha Jatha – The journey from Trivandrum to Kottayam
March 4 – 8, 2008, Jana Munettam

In Kerala, Dalits, Adivasis, women, fishing communities, unorganized workers and other marginalized are being suppressed and pushed into extreme forms of deprivation and daily humiliation. Systematically keeping aside the dalits and adivasis, resources that should be equitably shared are being enjoyed and controlled only by some communities. This kind of monopoly and control cannot be tolerated in a democratic state.


Shikshanachi gaadi chalali

The Mumbai Pune expressway has almost created one continuous urban stretch between these major cities of Maharashtra. And yet there are significant numbers of people, communities, settlements who are ignored/ forgotten/ overlooked or just simply rendered non-existent by the state and by those who are part of this urban image.
Communities in Kamshet and Dehu Road made themselves heard on 1st March along with CRY partner Sadhana. They walked the talked and talked the walk- for a Common School System, for the rights of ‘civilians’ living in areas that fall under ‘Cantonment’ laws and for the right to a life with dignity for all people.READ MORE


If you don’t, we will !

Today’s child is the foundation of the future. In India, approximately 40% of our population is made up of children under the age of 14 years.
Unfortunately, being the most vulnerable members of our society, dependent and voiceless, our laws and policies ignore the responsibility to understand our children’s many needs and to provide for their well being.READ MORE


Mass call for movement against unjust policies

By Gladson Dungdung
Rourkela, 9 March, 2008

The deprived people of Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal and Manipur have declared the final struggle for regaining their ownership rights over land, forest, water and mines which are taken away from them in the name of development. The declaration was made in a mass meeting after a massive rally of 10 thousand people at Rourkela organized by the Nafre Jan Andolan, who is facilitating to unite mass movements, struggles and people’s organizations in a platform to fight against displacement, SEZ policy, dual education system, AFSPA, communal fascism, neo-imperialism and to ensure child rights in India.


Children are in trouble in Military state of India

Rally cries for protecting child’s rightsImphal, January 23: After a public meeting held at Hapta Kangjeibung in protest against denial of due rights to the children of Manipur as a fallout of the atrocities being committed by the security forces under the shadow of AFSPA for the last many years, child rights activists and concerned citizens from all the districts of the State took out a rally here today.Representatives of the NGOs based outside Manipur also participated in the public meeting as well as the rally organised under the aegis of Manipur Alliance for Child Rights. Rally staged to protect child’s rights in the backdrop of AFSPA at Imphal. Flagged off by Chairperson of Manipur Human Rights Commission WA Shishak from Hapta Kangjeibung, the rally passed through New Checkon, Nongmeibung and Andro Parking before converging again at the starting point.READ MORE

Together, walk the talk

NAFRE Jan Andolan (NAFRE People’s Movement) is mounting the nationwide ‘Jan Haq Yatra’, a Peoples’ Rights March demanding a just and equitable society.
The march started on January 23. Regional segments voiced local needs and demands were put before the government. The culmination in New Delhi on 26th and 27th of March will witness a sharing of experiences from across the country followed by a huge protest rally before Parliament and the submission of a Memorandum of Demands.


Come, Tell me how you live

It has become a cliché; almost a necessary cliché these days to say that there are two India’s. It is a no brainer to see and feel/experience these 2 Indias. One which glitters and glows like a jewel. With starry lights and seductive looks she ensnares us, and numbs us into a false sense of intoxication and well being.READ MORE

Tribute to a Troubled Child (hood)

I have stopped taking the train to office and it was high time I stopped. Mumbai local trains are now overflowing and you are not sure you can get down where you want to. So now I commute by the State Transport buses. Conductors are mostly arrogant and drivers drive as if they are taking you on your last journey. But I can live with that, at least I get to sit and breath. But I still miss the trains. They become your home away from home. You make friends and some become more than friends. (And I also miss sometimes standing near the ladies’ compartment and glancing in once in a while!).READ MORE

A brief reflection on my two days in Latur

by Eric Linge

I am an active volunteer with CRY America, and basically what we do in CRY America is fundraise for projects in India. I was working for a private company in Mumbai over the summer, and while in Mumbai I took the opportunity to visit one of CRY’s projects in the interiors of Maharashtra. Specifically I visited a collection of villages around the town of Latur.


Our Children’s Rights

Hi, being a PTA member of the Bombay Cambridge School, I have had opportunities to interact with a few parents, teachers and the Principal, and have always felt the need to reach out to many more parents.
The school magazine came as an opportunity to reach out to many more parents and children as the magazine is given out to every child.READ MORE

The Girl Child

I have only one request.

I do not ask for money

Although I have need of it,

I do not ask for meat . . .

I have only one request,

And all I ask is

That you remove

The road block

From my path.

– Song of an African Woman