You Champion Our Cause

“When I joined CRY in 2011, my interests were purely professional. As a law student, my goal was to gain practical experience in the development sector. But soon enough, it became personal for me, and long after my internship ended, I continued to volunteer with CRY.


From The Desk to the Dusty Roads: My Journey for a Cause

Supratim Pal’s Story

Meeting deadlines, framing headlines, Selecting photographs, finalizing Graphic plates… Life of a desk person in newspaper houses is terrible. Back home well past midnight. Sleeping like a piece of log. Getting up late with your eyes still red and puffy with perennial sleep-debt… Again hitting the desk by noon… endless meetings with the News Editor… chasing reporters… shouting at the marketing guys as advertisements tend to eat up all the edit space…



“Each one of us has also been through numerous instances of witnessing child labour and abuse. Young boys working at tea-stalls, young girls working as house-maids. We turn our eyes away from this bitter truth. Child abuse is not physical exploitation alone, but exploitation of the rights of these children to live a happy childhood, to be able to go to school. So every time we are direct or indirect employers, we are responsible for child labour and abuse.



When we made the decision to work with children in Jammu & Kashmir, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy road. The constant state of unrest, the unexpected volatile atmosphere and harsh terrain make it a difficult backdrop against which to ensure children get access to their rights. But it was the inherent challenge that strengthened our resolve to work with underprivileged children in Jammu & Kashmir to help them realise their full potential and lead a better life.



You Get Involved

“We joined hands with CRY as a corporate partner, because we wanted to make a difference. Beyond just signing a cheque, we wanted to understand exactly how our money goes into making a difference, so we took our entire team to visit a CRY-supported project Saksham in Delhi. It was an eye-opening experience for all of us.



“When we first visited the Anganwadi centre at Notchikuppam in Santhome, Chennai, last year, we were in for a surprise. The makeshift structure constructed with asbestos and tin was dingy, with paint peeling from the walls. There were no proper lights and fans, and educational aids were few and far between. How were the children expected to study here, we wondered?



You are the Change

When Rippan Kapur, late CRY founder and his friends started CRY in 1979, they were clear about one thing – change could only come about through collective participation. They were convinced that without YOU, there would be no CRY. Even today, over three decades later, that has remained unchanged. We continue to rely on you to take a stand for children in need.



Will the Wheel Turn Toward Rights of Children?

He nurtures a
dream and a future wherein he would help people in need in his home District by
occupying the position of a District Collector. Today, you will find him in construction
sites on weekends and holidays and in the school on weekdays, working very hard
to earn some additional money for his family. He lost his father when he was in
5th class, but has not lost his hope and motivation to achieve
something big in his life soon and to bring change in the lives of people
around him.  Saravanan (name changed) is
from Agraharam Village, in Ayothipattinam Taluk, near Salem. Dalits and other
marginalized communities are the inhabitants of this village.



2015 – 16 Budget gives low priority to children – Brief Analysis

While the Union Budget 2015-16 may have emerged as a positive and reformist budget, its impact on children is not that easy to ascertain. The total Child Budget in 2015 – 2016 has declined substantially both in absolute amount and as proportion of the Total Union Budget. In absolute terms, child budget has decreased from Rs. 81075.26 crore in 2014-15 (BE) to Rs. 57918.51 crore in 2015-16 (BE), which is a sharp decline. As proportion of Total Expenditure of the Union Government, total Child Budget has been declined from 4.52 percent in 2014-15 (BE) to 3.26 percent in 2015-16 (BE).
In 2015-16, only 0.41 percent of GDP has been earmarked for the Children who constitute more than 40 percent of population of India, as compared to 0.63 percent of GDP in 2014-15.



LetHerFly – She’s got wings, All she needs is a sky

Opportunities, accomplishments and
accolades don’t discriminate. But people do, especially against the girl child.
From birth to betrothal and beyond, it’s a life filled with denial for her. And
still, we get to hear stories of courage and conviction, of the girl child
fighting her way against the waves to fly high.

LET HER FLY. These three simple words have
the power to set a girl child free. It is a war cry, a mission statement to
break the shackles of outdated mindsets, prejudice and discrimination. It plans
to inspire and encourage parents, teachers, uncles and aunties, husbands,
brothers, and colleagues to give the girl child the opportunities that she so
rightly deserves.