CRY’s Impact

CRY – Child Rights and You (CRY) is an Indian organisation that believes in every child’s right to a childhood – to live, learn, grow and play. For over 30 years, CRY along with its grassroots level partners have worked with parents and communities to ensure Lasting Change in the lives of more than 20,00,000 underprivileged children in India.CRY’s work is based on the approach of understanding the root cause of problems facing children.READ MORE

CP in CP (Child Participation in Chillar Party)

CP in CP (Child participation in Chillar Party)

Chillar Party is a delightful watch. A low budget, child focused movie was an absolutely pleasure to watch.
Press release and review of Chillar Party has stated film to be of a ‘gang of innocent but feisty baccha log’, ‘a low budget hit’ and a ‘must watch for children as well as adults’. But there is certainly a lot more to this movie. One has to see it to believe it how child participation and aspects of violation of child participation are beautifully displayed in this movie.


Tender hands

Tender Hands
-By Madhulika Rao

I am a little boy of six
Selling plastic toys from door to door
I wander in grey unknown cinderblock neighbourhoods,
Just to earn rupees four


Is it fair to distribute public money like this?

Team India’s World Cup is brimming over with state largesse. Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Punjab have been quick to reach into their pockets as netas announce they are gifting cash, plots of land to MS Dhoni’s men. But, some taxpayers are asking where the money is coming from. Investigation finds that much of the money is coming from the state education budget, at least in Punjab, Delhi and Maharashtra.READ MORE

Bright Light

It was the first time, a tribal village – Fulsar of Dediyapada Taluka, Narmada District, Gujarat will experience power of electricity.
When i think my life without electricity I see myself climbing 12 floors of my apartment, drinking ‘makta’ water, not making fancy dishes with microwave, reading in candle light and reading books and not using internet, writing manually and not using any software, reading just newspapers and not watching any news on television and yes certainly everyday taking a taxi to office and not Mumbai local train.READ MORE

Sometimes ‘Not Giving’ is the Right Thing to Do

Sometimes ‘Not Giving’ is the Right Thing to Do: Sahil Shah, Volunteer, Child Rights and You

The other day I was sitting in a taxi to go to work. I was reading the newspaper to increase my awareness about the atrocities carried out by Hosni Mubarak in Egypt for the past 30 years. At that moment, a hand started knocking on the window. It was a small girl, carrying a younger child, asking for spare change so she could buy a meal. What did I do? I turned my head away from her.


Why Public Good is Better

The image is from a school in Himayatnagar, Latur, Maharashtra. This is the only school for miles around. And it is just a primary school.  But for the people in the village, it is their lifeline. Sending each child to a nieghbouring village’s private school is not just expensive (this government schools is free) but it’s unsafe: so girls drop out. READ MORE

Ten Corporate Teams ‘Play for Good’

Ten of the city’s top corporations sent teams of 44 members each to compete in the CRY Cadence Corporate Citizenship Challenge in Bangalore. The multiple sporting events were held at Clarks Exotica on February 26th, 2011. This event is a unique way for companies and their employees to renew their commitment to ensuring that all children in India have a happy, secure childhood for generations to come, ‘for good’.READ MORE

From Field – January/February 2011

On 29th January’11, Saturday where I am usually off work, I received a phone call from coordinator of one of our Partner Organization informing that a 5 year-old girl has been raped. This unfortunate incidence occurred on 26th January’11 in the Program intervention area where CRY supports partner organization – Sahyog Charitable Trust’s intervention in Vatva, Ahmedabad. READ MORE


Bal Sawaal, Bal Dhamaal- CRY’s initiative to share the voices of children.

My name is Priya Patil and I work as General Manager, Resource Mobilisation at CRY – Child Rights and You. I write to you today to thank you for what you have made possible by supporting CRY.

As a celebration of children’s achievements, on 14th November,2011 CRY hosted ‘Bal Sawaal. Bal Dhamaal’ in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru. Here, children from various CRY-supported projects shared stories of how they ensured rights for themselves and their community. Despite my dozen odd years at CRY, I was (still am) so inspired and motivated with what I saw and heard at this event in Pune that I had to share this with you.