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In its 25th year (2004) CRY initiated a citizen’s movement to restore the rights of children. Today, its symbol, the pinwheel called the ‘Free-a-Child Chakri‘ represents freedom for all India's children. With the instructions given below make your very own chakri/ pinwheel for child rights.

Take a square piece of paper, Mark it up like this. Cut from the corners to the center along the lines. Carefully pierce the center of the square with a pin.   Take the right hand corner of the top triangle, fold it over, and poke the needle through the tip. Repeat with each of the other three triangles. The blue dots in the diagram show where the corners should be fastened to the center. Secure with a clasp.

Push a push-pin through the center of the pinwheel and attach the pinwheel to the side of a pencil's eraser, an icecreamstick or a thin bamboo stick. The tighter the ends are fastened, the more fluffy the pinwheel (fluffy
pinwheels spin better).

After third fold

Final pinwheel
For a more durable pinwheel, use felt instead of paper.
Now that you know how to make a pinwheel, make some more and give them to your friends and colleagues as a gift.
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