Deenbandhu Project for Poor

Location: 10 slums of Indore city, MP
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Ms. Belu Bhargav
CRY support since: 2007 – 2008

  • Regular monitoring of cooked food supply and improvement in Immunization services
  • All adolescent girls are now getting the Take Home Ration (THR) regularly
  • 53 children (boys 23 and 30 girls) (including dropped outs & never enrolled) were re-enrolled into schools
  • Children’s groups are being strengthened on various child rights issues

Deenbandhu, established in 1991 by Late Rajiv John George and Ms. Belu Bhargav, works among the urban poor and slum dwellers of Indore city. Over the years, Deenbandhu has been able to organize communities in slum areas of Indore to raise issues concerning housing rights, employment and livelihood, violation of human rights, forced eviction and its impact on children.

In association with CRY, the leadership has begun to internalize Child Rights as integral to their intervention on ensuring ‘holistic’ housing rights for all. The project holder has also longstanding experiences on urban poverty issues with a legal background that support to tackle the technical aspects of housing rights issues. Deenbandhu has the expertise to undertake research and analysis. This has helped the organization to conduct various critical studies on malnutrition in urban slums as well as child profiling to assess the gravity and range of vulnerabilities that exist for children as child labourers.