A grassroots people’s movement ensures holistic child rights

Location: Ranavav Taluka of Porbandar and Bhanvad Taluk of Jamnagar, Gujarat
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Tejabhai R. Desai
CRY support since: 2008

  • 9,856 children enrolled in school
  • 4,565 children immunized
  • 5 new ICDS centres opened
  • 1,677 children identified with malnutrition
  • 259 birth registrations provided
  • 12 PDS centres activated
  • 2 new primary schools opened

The government and forest departments started evicting the Maldharis, the traditional dwellers of the Barda Sanctuary. The villages/ hamlets within the forests are not recognised by the government and are hence deprived access to government schemes. There are no basic services available on the one hand, and on other there are severe cases of atrocities from forest officials.

There is gross violation of human rights in general and child rights in particular. Child marriage is widely prevalent. Infant, child and maternity mortality rates are high.

Today, a community of Maldhari tribals are empowered towards impacting issues of local governance

Gujarat Jan Jagran Sangh (GJJS) is a people’s movement initiated in 1989 to fight against discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, and religion. GJJS focused on supporting education, promoting watershed programmes and disaster-related interventions in the area.

In the aftermath of the 2001 earthquake, GJJS supported the affected people with food and non-food relief, semi-permanent and permanent shelter. A rich experience in disaster relief led to the development of a comprehensive disaster mitigation program involving food and livelihood security, public health and hygiene, and disaster preparedness.