Jan Madhyam Project

Location: Jharkhand
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Upendra Kumar Mishra
CRY support since: 2007 – 2008

  • Chilldren are being educated in the local dialect in schools across the district
  • 78 drop-out children are re-enrolled into schools
  • 273 children are enrolled into schools
  • 39 irregular children were regularised into schools by generating interest amongst them

Jan Madhyam has been implementing the CRY projects in 4 districts of Jharkhand which include Bokaro, Gumla, Khunti, Chakardharpur. The partnership is very important to ensure education rights of the tribal children of Jharkhand are secured by promoting their tribal language and culture. The project partner has been working in 26 schools and 35 ICDS centres to promote teachings in the local language to capture the interest of the children towards education and enhance the learning rate of children. Because of the difference in the mother tongue and medium of teaching /communication in the school majority of the children drop out in these areas, so Jan Madhyam is putting efforts towards multilingual education and content development in local languages that will emerge as model and can be replicated by the state.