MGVP Project in Bihar

Location: Supaul district, Bihar
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Narayanjee Chowdhury
CRY support since: 2007 – 2008

  • 50% children are regularly visiting the existing 23 ICDS centres for the PSE
  • Community members have realise the importance of Pre-School Education and will send their children regularly in the ICDS centres
  • 75% children in the age group 6-14 years are retained in the schools
  • Parents have started thinking on importance of girl child education

MGVP is an implementing project in one of the most difficult geographic location of Supaul district where the target beneficiaries are living inside or on the embankment of Kosi River. The project has spread its operations in 12 villages in Nirmali and Saraigarh Bhaptiyahi blocks in Supaul district, in Bihar. During the first two years, MGVP has focused on making schools/AWC functional, mobilizing the community and the women for putting collective demand for school infrastructure, health facilities and pro poor government benefits. When all the schools and ICDS become functional, the focus for MGVP this year will be to link children to the schools, retention, immunization, malnutrition and strengthening the children’s collective. For building a protective environment and preventing child marriage/child labour, MGVP is now successful in mobilizing the women’s group, children’s collective and the villagers against it. Their efforts has led to child marriage free villages and one child labour free village. MGVP effort have also led to re-enrolment of migrant children in schools and over the coming period it will be the primary focus area