MCF in Uttarakhand

Location: 16 intervention villages (old) + Kanwali slum of Dehradun (new, for rapport building) of Uttarakhand
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Ms. Aditi P. Kaur
CRY support since: 2010 – 2011

  • Increased participation of parents and community in the children’s group process
  • Confidence level of the children has increased and they have become vocal at the group level
  • 27 malnourished children were identified, 3 of them were Severely Acute Malnourished children – treatment was facilitated for them

Mountain Children’s Fund (MCF) is creating a state-wide network of children that can harness the power of collective action to make their voices heard and their concerns noted. It has evolved a model based on cooperation and collaboration among development organizations, building a network of 35 partners across the state, reaching more than 12,000 children in rural villages around Uttarakhand. The organisation has built good rapport with the communities as well as the children in the intervention areas. Through different processes, the organisation has been able to provide the required platforms to the children to express their voices and views on child rights issues.