Location: Churchandpur District, Manipur
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: L. Pishak Singh
CRY support since: 2011 – 2012

  • 32 trafficked children were rescued and handed over to their parental homes according to the process of the JJ Act
  • 6 project village communities parents are aware and alert about their children
  • School teachers of 6 villages have been trained on RTE and now support the cause

New Life Foundation was established in 1988. Since then it has been confined only to working at the grassroots level in 6 villages in the Churchandpur District. From 2008 it also started addressing the issues which are prevailing in the society like gender based violence, child trafficking, HIV /AIDS, child rights etc. in collaboration with the concerned department and also with NGOs, CBOs, and POs. Then the organization has applied for a Children’s Home at the Social Welfare Department, to the Government of Manipur in 2010 and hence it was granted for 25 Boys as inmates. Hence for the organizationm, it is running a children’s home since 2010. With the current strategy, the overall focus in Manipur is on the overall goal of Protection and to build a protective environment for children that is free from violence, abuse and sexual exploitation.