Location: 9 slums of Bhagalpur Sadar and 40 villages of 4 blocks of Bhagalpur district, Bihar
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Uday
CRY support since: 2005 – 2006

  • 62 children are being catered by the SISHU SHALA Kendra in rural areas
  • 137 drop-out children are re-enrolled in age appropriate classes
  • 29 SAM children were referred to NRC for rehabilitation programmes
  • Children’s collectives identified child labours in the urban slums area and motivated them back into schools

PARIDHI successfully experimented with children in the educational process and replication of the art and cultural activism process to enhance their skills and create a different culture in the community, keeping in mind their origins and nature. The CRY supported project is operational in 9 slums of Bhagalpur Sadar and 40 villages of 4 blocks of Bhagalpur district in Bihar. It has helped the community to understand the larger linkages with their present context and children issues. The intervention has expanded into the 4 adjacent blocks to ensure child rights issues are addressed. It has brought child rights issues of the operational area in the public domain through various cultural forms. It engaged with the community and mobilized them for the cause of children and now the community is active advocator in the child rights movement in the area.