The promise of better child health and nutrition for the urban slums

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nature of Initiative: Implementing
Project holder: Mr. Neena Shah More
CRY support since: 1999 – 2000


Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action (SNEHA) was formed in 1999 when a group of doctors and social workers came together. They were led by Dr. Armida Fernandez. The group had a focus on various child health and nutrition issues in the urban slums of Mumbai.

The group has a clear focus on community based interventions in maternal and neonatal care, child health and nutrition, violence against women, and sexual and reproductive health.

Today, a multi-pronged approach to urban health issues means that the health status in the urban slums can be addressed.

Over the past 10 years, SNEHA has grown into a large and well managed non profit organisation. SNEHA’s research focus has enabled it to improve and evolve its models over time. SNEHA’s approach to urban health is multi-pronged.

The organisation focuses on four key themes to improve the health status of women and children in Urban Slums of Mumbai – Maternal and Newborn health, Prevention of violence against women and children, Sexual and Reproductive health and Child health and Nutrition.