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Our PAG works primarily in Kannagi Nagar. A place that houses more than 15000 families, with an estimated population of over 100,000 on a 40 hectare land. It is a colony raised for the rehabilitated and relocated people from different slums of Chennai Corporation.
Can you guess the number of schools in the area?
Only 3 primary and 1 higher secondary Why is CRY concerned about the problems in Kannagi Nagar?
The absence of an effective garbage disposal system leads to major diseases and poor health. There is an imminent danger of an epidemic breaking out any time. This is a threat to life of the children, adversely affecting infant mortality rates.
Similarly, bad health and lack of healthcare facilities lead to poor attendance in schools and hinders the learning process of children, which in turn affects dropout rates in schools.
Shortage of water leads to improper hygiene, which worsens the situation further.
In short, these issues have a strong correlation with the quality of life of children.

What have we done so far?
We have created awareness on RTI and have filed RTI's on issues relating to garbage mechanism, water, role of Panchayat, on health system and on education system in Kannagi Nagar.
We have created awareness on the role of different sections of the community in taking responsibility of the issues in involving them in meeting with the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board officials and also with meeting the Panchayat officials.
Along with members of a corporate foundation, we have represented the issues of children to the Kanchipuram Collector.
Submitted a report on the garbage issue along with a petition from the community to the Kanchipuram Collector, the Chairman - TNSCB, the Minister for Slum Clearance and Accommodation Control and the Minster for Environment to name a few.

We have collected data of about 100 children which helped in finding out the number of children in and out of school and the challenges which they face day in and day out. One of the major challenges is the lack of potable water and also not enough schools in the area.
Along with the community, volunteers submitted a memorandum at the Public Hearing held on 20th November 2008.

Conducted Child Rights Day in Kannagi Nagar on 25th January 2009 wherein the Union Chairman was the Chief Guest.
Conducted PTA meeting at the Higher Secondary school in October 2009 Interested in making a difference join us!
The Right to Education Campaign
The campaign on the Right to Education (RTE) started with 5 volunteers who worked as a task force and collected information to assess the status of Education in the state.

Our wish
Our wish is to create awareness about the Right to Education among the public and enable them to take a collective and appropriate action to make a permanent change in the lives of the deprived Indian child.
Our campaign Demands:
Redraft the Free and Compulsory Education Bill to remove sanctions on parents.
All children between the ages 6-18 years should be in formal, full-time schools that provide quality education and all children below 6 years should be in anganwadis. The government should ensure that all children complete schooling.
Increase government expenditure on children. Specifically increase expenditure on education to 10% and health to 5% of GDP.

What we have done so far:
A study of 20 government schools in Chennai city was undertaken by the volunteers to study the infrastructure facilities, teacher - student ratio, the success of government schemes like Noon Meal scheme in March 2009.
Volunteers have done a study on impact of government programmes on children in Athiyur Thirukai village in Villupuram district in February 2009.
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