“We were on a day trip from Indore to Sanchi, a seat of ancient Indian historical relics. My five year old, Ujaan was extremely happy as we were all travelling together in an SUV… And after the initial euphoria died down and most of us were either taking snaps or plugged on to the radio, Ujaan started talking by himself!


guess what… He actually started acting as a dhaba owner… He kept asking each one of us what we would like to eat and began preparing them in the air, narrating the recipe steps all the way!!! All of us were taken by surprise but chose to keep mum, lest he became conscious. And so, all the way on the road trip we had a whole range from fish fries to potato chips to aloo parathas to his favourite chicken dishes 😊.

Later during the summer holidays, when we took him to a summer camp, we found out that the part that he had enjoyed the most was cooking! I can vividly recall his shrill pitched excited narration of making sandwiches and bhel puri on his own.

Since then he has tried his hands on smoothies, cookie desserts and a couple of other dishes where the stove is not required. As for us, whenever we try our hands on any new dish or old, we now know that we have a reliable and eager, budding culinary expert today. What joy for the food lover and cooking enthusiast in me to bond with my son over cooking!”

Subhrajit Sinha, Father

Reaching the milestone age of ‘five’ years should be a joyful journey. From learning how to smile to saying the first words. From learning how to hold a toy, to crawling, walking and finally running. This is a journey full of firsts that impacts the rest of a child’s life. The reality however, is that not all children are able to experience this joy of growing up healthy, because of inadequate nutrition and healthcare.  You can change the first five years of children’s lives for the better.

Pledge your support towards the CRY ‘Joy of Five’ initiative and ensure 2,50,532 children across CRY-supported projects experience the joy of turning five.

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