A Journey To Remember

“Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves.’’                                       ~Jean Piaget

I glow with contentment while writing this write-up about the extra-ordinary journey that I experienced in the month of May. Before that I had only heard how special every child is and  how talented every child is, but this journey with the kids at Project Swati,Tigri helped me realise how true these hearsays are. I got the opportunity to be their dance mentor for a month and it was during that period that I realised how curious and enthusiastic these kids were learn more.


The most mesmerizing part was the warm welcome I received. To make me feel comfortable they greeted me with cheerful faces and warm hugs and introduced themselves in a manner which portrayed their love and affection for me. During my tenure, I hardly used to find any absentees. Always on time, they accosted me every time they had a doubt in their mind. Sounds like a strict class? It wasn’t! At the end of every class, the kids shared how tactful they were in managing their house chores along with their classes. Talk about kids and naughtiness doesn’t come up? Impossible! Even after my repeated no’s they still managed to get and eat toffees and lojens in between the classes!! Sometimes they even escaped my classes to climb the trees and play with others! What I most liked about the kids was that they involved themselves completely in this learning process. Whether it was about suggesting the song or the steps, they were way ahead than anybody could think of! Not only they knew this was their opportunity but they knew how to avail it properly and thereby invented methodologies for its betterment. Why only speak about dance, whether it was acting or singing or painting, they knew how to brush the right strokes. The fire to achieve new heights was so strong that they never allowed me to even take a small break. It was only while marking the attendance that I got few minutes to catch my breath!!

But was this journey possible without our CRY mentors? Absolutely not! And thereby my sincere gratitude to all the mentors and fellow interns of CRY who with their constant guidance and support helped me realise my dream of working with the kids.

If we dream of a developed nation, we have to come together to do so; with every single child realising their own potential.


Did I only teach? No! I also learnt how to be an individual learns at all times from these kids and thereby although this write-up has come to an end but my journey will continue with these kids as long as I wish to grow!!


Poulomi Banerjee, CRY Intern,  Delhi (Student at New Delhi Institution of Management)

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