In the Dediapada block of Narmada district (Gujarat), there’s a primary school in a village called Gadh which is unique in their approach of teaching. One of their most remarkable teachers is Jeetubhai , who had a very difficult childhood and had met a plethora of challenges on his way of becoming an academician. But nothing could deter him from his

goal as he had a very strong conviction in what he wanted to be. With the same belief that children should be provided opportunities to unleash their potential and follow their heart, his mission is to not just let children excel in their studies but also hone any particular skill that they may have.

He also realized that the best way to make children interested in their studies is to first and foremost make school interesting for them. If they start looking forward to going to school, chances are that they will be more open and keen on learning their lessons. The way he makes school fun and interesting for his students is by recognizing the various interest areas of the children. He learnt that most students in his school were enthused about dancing, skits and storytelling, hence he got a teacher who specializes in these fields and got them to conduct classes for the kids.

These classes not only gave opportunities to the children to do something that is close to their hearts but also imparted various lessons of hygiene, moral values and good habits. CRY supported project Adivasi Vikas Trust and Jeetu bhai are steadfast in their belief that every child has a potential which should be nurtured. And with the right encouragement and opportunity every potential can be turned into a beautiful possibility.

The CRY team is working closely with the children of this school in order to inculcate various skill sets like confidence building, instilling leadership skills, helping them reason, think, question, have a point of view and express themselves confidently.

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