All in a day’s work!

Abhinav Parashar, a 24 year old hard working software engineer at Century Link Ltd during the day and a passionate volunteer at CRY during the night, is no less than a superhero for the under privileged kids in Vaishali. He has been teaching these kids every day after his office hours for almost a year. And in this short duration of time he has matured immensely and won the hearts of the kids. This short journey is no less than a roller coaster ride for him and his team, facing every challenge head on and standing firm throughout are the basic pillars to their group.. He believes that children are the vital part for a greater future and they should have a positive and healthy attitude towards life, this would lead to lower crime rates and one day it will eradicated all forms of crime from the face of earth.

As the hour hand strikes 7 everyday, the kids pumped on adrenaline set their eyes on the road for their teacher to come with the white board. Their eagerness towards the study is due to the hard work by Abhinav. He has given them a chance to fight back against the world for their survival, but this journey has faced numerous bumps and hindered their ride. These kids are from migrating families, parents pull their kids out of the school as they fail to see the benefits of this program and getting them on the same track is a difficult job faced by the CRY team. Lack of infrastructure is one of the biggest problem due to which the Abhinav has to teach them near road side under a street lamp, because of this the factors affecting the concentration increase drastically. The classroom environment is constantly influenced by the traffic and the pedestrians. To their comforts, there are some parents who show cooperation and are willing to send their kids to school as they want their kids to become successful in their life. The amount of discipline and perseverance to overcome these challenges shown by Abhinav will be the key to their success.

His contribution in betterment of their lives is outstanding so on asking what drives her at Vaishali after those exhausting office hours he said “These kids are a source of inspiration for all of us. Their enthusiasm drags us to them every Sunday and now every evening”.

His message to all the people is “Everybody needs to do something for the society and I am doing my share of work. When I teach them, the expression on their faces are priceless, they value every lesson taught to them and at the end of every class, they have a smiling face which makes my day. Unlike adults, kids don’t know how to express gratitude in a formal way but one thing they do know is how to show gratitude in the purest way. By doing this these kids get to have a good future and a better life style and by giving few hours a week I can help them, then I don’t see why people can’t”.

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