11-year-old Purnima is academically bright and discovered her love for painting and acting through activities at school. You can help Purnima stay in school, study a range of subjects and explore her abilities.

Armed with will power, determination and a headstrong nature, Purnima Kanojiya is no ordinary 6th grader. While many of her friends were dropping out of school because

they had to do household chores and take care for their younger siblings, Purnima has managed to stay in school with the help of efforts made by CRY.

She says, “I love being on stage. It gives me a lot of confidence and happiness. I can’t wait to grow up and get into an acting school”.

Purnima is currently doing well in her academics and by staying in school hopes to pursue whatever she decides – be it painting or theatre or anything else.

Your support can ensure that Purnima and others like her do not drop out of school. And therefore attain the independence of exploring their potential and abilities that comes with proper education.

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