Before you complain

Every time I go for a project visit, what gives me an immense high is interacting with our project children who allow me a little window in their lives- their perspectives, ideas, wishesand their whole little world that strike me with the realisation that despite the plethora of challenges that life throws at them, they never stop dreaming, no matter what the circumstances are.

Talking to these children and seeing the joy and excitement writ on their faces is always an overwhelming and unforgettable experience.

Yes. This is what makes our work our passion.

Last week when I went to meet our project children at Habitat And Livelihood Welfare Association (HALWA), I met a striking girl who is in the 8th standard. Besides having a fierce can-do spirit, she had a flair for drawing and a remarkable eagerness to talk about her creations and how she lets her imaginations go wild with the crayon box that she has been gifted. One crayon box is all that she needed to make her imaginations real. Speaking to her, helped me cherish the little things in life and how happiness can be found in the smallest things that we more often take for granted.

Her parents are from Waghri community, a nomadic tribe that barters old clothes for utensils. Even after working from dawn to dusk, they hardly manage to make both ends meet for a family of six who live in a small room 10 ftx 10 ftwith no windows and just one rickety table fan. While  their faces did bear testimony to far too many years of hard life,like real warriors even after facing the hard knocks of life, they not even for once made their pain apparent to us.

Unwavered in their resolve to send their children to school, they had an incredible zest for their lives  which I guess gave them the strength to battle the odds stacked against them.

Next time before  I crib and complain about the smallest of things that I think will jeopardise my life, I will think twice because the challenges that we face in our daily lives are no way half as arduous as what these little ones and their families go through every single day.


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