Breaking out of my comfort zone

CRY- Child Rights and You provides you with a platform to learn things about the society and their day to day life which no books can teach you within the four walls of a classroom. The tasks, given to us here, teach us things with the help of the practical field as your text book. This one month spent by me in this organisation has taught me skills which were my fears a few months back.

Being someone who is an introvert and cannot convey clearly to people my needs, CRY has helped me get over my fear a little and taught me how to make people comfortable, as well as, stay professional while talking to people. The field work given to us gave us the perfect opportunity to travel to places which were hidden behind all the glitz and glams of the city.


The tasks of fund raising and searching for sponsorships also helped me to get the confidence of speaking to unknown people and ask say the things in the right way which shows us to be approachable and at the same time professional.

CRY has also provided me to come in direct contact with the problems of the families in the project areas and made us understand their problems so that we can actually witness the problems about which we have read or heard from people.

My mentor has encouraged us to come out of our comfort zones and work only for the children and their future. This has helped us to meet new people and work with people who are different from us and have different mentality and set of ideas. This has helped me learn a lot of things and helped me meet people who are totally different from me.

This experience with CRY has been helpful in breaking all the illusions which I held on to in the initial stages, thus making me more wise and aware about the society and the different problems faced by the people which is making it hard for the theoretical part of the law to go smoothly and be implemented in the country.


Satarupa Kolay, CRY Intern, Kolkata

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