It was the first time, a tribal village – Fulsar of Dediyapada Taluka, Narmada District, Gujarat will experience power of electricity.
When i think my life without electricity I see myself climbing 12 floors of my apartment, drinking ‘makta’ water, not making fancy dishes with microwave, reading in candle light and reading books and not using internet, writing manually and

not using any software, reading just newspapers and not watching any news on television and yes certainly everyday taking a taxi to office and not Mumbai local train.
I am sure for many of us life would be certainly very different without electricity.
What Fulsar village witnessed was truly amazing. We were told, when the first time the electricity was tested in this village children from the village danced and danced, thinking electricity connection has already been established, and when the connection went off children cried due to disappointment. Later the children had to be consoled and explained that it was just electricity and that electricity would come in few days.
Joy of having electricity is a such a special momement. I realized this when I saw smiles, excitment and pride which this village community exhibited. Cheers to Fulsar village community for their collective process of demanding electricity and following up with RTI.

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