This National Girl Child Day, Donate For India’s Young Girls

Published on January 23, 2023

National Girl Child Day

24th January is commemorated as National Girl Child Day. This significant day helps raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding young girls and giving them access to necessary resources. This is more urgent now than ever because 1 out of every 3 child brides in the world lives in India (UNICEF 2014). A life with aid and assistance will enable them to live with dignity, one that is rich with chances to develop and learn.

At CRY, we strongly believe that all young girls need opportunities, but they are often held back due to poverty in India. Opportunities can help them complete their education, chase their dreams, take life by the lapels, and realise their true potential. Getting the right opportunities at the right time—and being able to seize them—is what separates Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, and many other accomplished women from the herd.

Mamta, Malini and Jyoti

There are many Kalpana Chawlas and Mary Koms who we work with, and we are so proud to share some of their stories with you today:

  1. Mamta, whose strong determination helped her fight off attempts to get her married and enabled her to become a Google icon and a footballer.
  2. Malini, despite being a first-generation school-goer, continued her education against all odds and will soon become the first doctor in her village in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Jyoti, from a small village in Bihar, convinced her parents not to marry her off but to allow her to continue her education. Today, she is the first female police constable from her village!

These girls are just three ordinary girls with extraordinary determination who used education and grit to turn their lives around. There are so many of our girls who can do this and more, as 99% of adolescent girls in CRY project areas, between 11 and 18 years old, are protected from child marriage. With your generous donation, more young girls can have access to educational opportunities and healthcare support and grow in a safe and positive environment. On this Girl Child Day, please come forward to encourage and empower India’s girls. You can also save tax on your donation and avail of a 50% exemption under the Income Tax Act. Support now!