We are such huge a notion of so many orthodox and customary beliefs, but we tend to overlook the most prevalent of sins in the society… Child Sexual Abuse. Young and impressionable minds are put through this torture unknowingly, and the worst part is that these kids do not know how to express it, for fear of rejection or anything

else. They are engulfed in pain, fear, disappointment and it endangers their future in many ways!

It is our duty to look for signs in them of abuse, and act sensible and act at the right time! Sound of Silence is a Hyderabad based group trying to spread awareness against Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). If you still think this is a small topic, do have a look at this Study on Child Abuse 2007 conducted by Ministry of Woman and Child Development, Government of India for some startling facts and figures.

To me, a solution to end all this is apart from spreading awareness, every educated and employed person earning more than 25K per month should sponsor a child or two in schools run by Government and NGOs. Its just a thought!


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