Crossing Over!

It’s 10 already and the volunteer intervention area at Razabazaar is gearing up for the weekend sessions. In some time the energy of the whole place will change. The children will start chirping, their excitement will mix with the volunteers’ enthusiasm. There will be fun and frolic for which  the children wait eagerly all week.

I always knew CRY has started working in our community. And things will change! Every week I will see the “bhaiyas” and the “didis” coming and spending time with the kids. They will teach them but their approach will be quite different- there will be no boring lectures rather everyone will have so much fun! I myself am very driven when it comes to children.   I love them-I teach them-everyday I make sure to spend time with them but I wanted to do more, I wanted to do better.


WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 4.30.34 PMOne day, probably 2 years back, I saw a poster notifying that CRY volunteers will organize a health camp for the children in the community. It was for the first time I saw something like this happening. I decided to enroll. As I went to attend, I was overwhelmed by the sincerity of the CRY volunteers. They were so passionate so kind to all of us. The doctors checked us up and prescribed the next steps- the volunteers did not stop at that; they followed up with our parents and with us to ensure we take medicines properly and follow the instructions given by the doctors.

I decided to join the volunteer sessions since that day and every session brought about a new learning in me. I was always very shy and could not articulate my thoughts but as days passed, I started changing. Today I am much more vocal, confident and can decide for myself. I wished to volunteer for CRY and the CRY representatives took me in with an open arm. However, I had to prepare myself hard and had to wait till I became 18. I became the first community volunteer from Razabazaar. I know and firmly believe that the key to resolve our problems lie with us. We have to take charge and change our present in order to get a bright future; for all of us, especially for the children.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-22 at 4.30.33 PMToday, I am known face in the community as I would go door-to-door to consult the parents why their children should attend our sessions. The intervention started with less than 10 children and today, after a proper community calling there will be at least 60-70 happy faces, eager to learn. I think this is what I take back home.

After I finish my class 12 board exam, I want to pursue law. Tough, I would continue my sessions. Already I have managed two of my friends, from the community, to join me in my endeavour. I am sure a day will come when the intervention area will be filled with volunteers from the community.

Zeeshan just turned 18. We cannot imagine our work in the Rajabazar community without his help. You have to see him in action to believe it!


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