CRY and I

Children have the ability to transform a society. My love for children and a sincere interest in working towards ensuring a better life for them was a driving force behind my association with CRY. I worked as an Intern in the Media Advocacy department of CRY for a period of Eight Weeks during May-June, 2015.

The work that CRY does

is exceptional and commendable in its own right. I feel that it is one of the best NGOs to work within a friendly, active and cooperative environment. My experience of working with CRY helped me to not only further my passion for child rights but also provided me the appropriate channel for media research with regards to various child rights issues. I feel privileged to have worked among knowledgeable, experienced professionals who helped bring out the best in me. CRY’s concerted efforts in bringing about a change in children’s lives has been an inspiration for me and I have, since my internship, been greatly interested in working more on child rights issues.

Becoming a part of CRY helped me to understand the status of children in India, in my own state West Bengal, and my own district, Kolkata. It gave me a greater understanding also, of the work done by civil society towards the cause of giving children qualitatively better lives. Child rights is an integral part of the larger domain of human rights and there is a great sense of satisfaction that I feel, in having championed their cause wholeheartedly. Also, I was able to put my professional skills to use towards a noble cause! Research and data analysis as a media advocacy intern provided a deeper understanding of the media coverage of child rights issues and the child budget. CRY’s professionals have always reached out to their interns in a meaningful way and believe in forging valuable and long-lasting relationships with them, which makes for a pleasurable and enjoyable experience of association.

My wonderful internship experience with CRY has also been a major contributing factor in my selection to a month-long training programme with The National Human Rights Commission in New Delhi. The training programmme will further help me to take my own interest forward in working for the best interests of India’s children. I hope to further my cause through research and presentations in the Commission in which I shall highlight the different aspects of child rights violation.

Abhishikta Ray (CRY Intern, Kolkata)

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