I am a Final Year student of Law. Like many of you, I was privileged to be born in an affluent family and did not have to face the daily struggle for basics like many in India. I do not know what hardship is. By God’s grace, I had never had to face abuse as a child. My sister was

never ostracized for the onset of her menstrual cycle. My neighbour did not beat his wife unconscious for failing to deliver a male child. I have hardly met a child in my upper class neighbourhood whose dry cough would go unnoticed for days, uncured. People in my India go to school, eat healthy have access to safe drinking water, health facilities et all. So like many of you, I grew up in content and among smiling faces and in blissful ignorance of the pains of the poor and destitute.
My involvement with CRY was a life altering experience for me. As a volunteer I made frequent visits to slum areas in the outskirts of the cities to assist children with their education, conduct health camps and ran awareness campaigns. The contact that I established with these children, their day to day lifestyles, their pains, their need and their company touched me to the very core. On several nights, their voices would run through my mind, their agony would smote my heart and left a pain… a pain so severe that I cannot express and I would give a start and sit up on my bed.
It was difficult to stay aloof to their agony thereafter. I found a calling among them. I found a cause in their smiles, their sorrow. I took a pledge to help these kids. And I found my happiness among them and I am here to remain … right by their side. If you are someone like me, and relate to my story even by a bit, please lend a hand to us. We need you. They need you. Instead of the next furniture, please buy a few smiles. Buy someone their life, their happiness. Please Donate!

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