CRY – Through an intern’s eye

“Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –Confucius

As most of you would observe, a powerful quote is what I began with. Why so, you must wonder. The answer is pretty easy, a powerful quote best describes a powerful experience. Not many are lucky enough to be able to comprehend what this quote means, as they have no reason to support it. However, in the course of my internship at CRY, I have come to believe it.

My 5 week internship at CRY was nothing less than a rollercoaster-like process of edification. With this being my first internship, I remember being dubious about it to say the least. Coming fresh out of college with no exposure to the real world, I had been cautioned about the harshness of it. I proudly give CRY the credits of being an eye-opener. It made me realize that although it was a callous world, an altruistic organization like CRY still toiled to make a change. The purpose which CRY suported so relentlessly, that is to ensure sustainable change and protection of basic Child Rights that empower the helpless children, is what emboldened my decision of working with CRY. My hesitance of how I, an inexperienced individual could help eracticate such heinous child issues had crippled me. However, much to my surprise and elation, CRY was the one that helped me channelize my passion and unleash my hidden talents. I was given the opportunity to put forth suggestions and opinions without the fear of being critisized or judged. At CRY, each one is treated as an equal, with dignity. The enthusiasm and buzz that prevails at the CRY office, ensures there is never a dull moment. With just the right amount of work and events here, my educating and enriching experiences as well as the magnificent memories are something that I will carry with me till the end of time.

To dive into detials, one way of summing up my experience at CRY would be the 3 P’s – Powerful, Practical, Progressive.

The highlight of the internship was the impact that it had on me, which indeed, was powerful.One does not know what a sad sight is until they see the ill-treatment and desecration against children with dreams and hopes in their eyes, whose screams of terror and pain go unnoticed and eventually die down. My heart fills with joy when I see how CRY takes all the deprived and impoverished, bloooming children under it’s wing and nurtures them in a way that capacitiates them to have a voice, which will be heard.

An impressive part was that CRY adopts not only practical, but also effective methods of work. During my internship, I created modules which CRY volunteers actively use to involve both children and parents in benefitting activities which would educate them about their rights. Through fellow NGO’s, CRY does not only lend a helping hand to the ones in need, but makes sure they learn how to stand firmly on their own two feet. Thus, CRY, unlike others, advocates an everlasting change.

On a concluding note, I’d like to share a story.

“Why do you struggle so hard at work when you do not get paid?”, they chimed.

I smiled and replied, “The feeling of gratification, when you hand a child their rights back, that had so selfishly been snatched away from them and restore the dignity and  dreams back in their eyes, cannot be compared with receiving a sum of money.”


Khooshi Parikh (St. Xavier’s College), CRY Intern, Mumbai

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