Officers from Sarva Siksha Abhiyan pose for the CRY photo signature campaign

Today – on World Anti Child Labour Day, CRY launched a year-long campaign to ‘Send children to school, not work’. CRY sent out a placard “Children should go to school, not work” to supporters on online portals. The invite is to get as many people as possible to pose

with the placard in as creative a manner as possible and get a photograph taken and send these photos to CRY.
“Through a series of such campaigns and on-ground activities the volunteers are looking to make citizens aware of the many schemes available to children and their families that help enroll children in school. CRY volunteers have involved about 3000 people in Mumbai in the past year in the campaign ” said Puja Marwaha, Director-West, CRY. For more information visit the CRY website.
Objective of the photo signature campaign:
  • To enable greater numbers to participate in the Anti Child Labour Campaign, in their own spaces
  • To build pressure on government to address the root causes of Child Labour and to implement holistic rehabilitation policies
  • To encourage people to improve their own understanding of why children do not go to school by participating in other campaign activities as well
“Not a single rehabilitation policy comprehensively addresses all aspects that push children in to labour. It is our duty as citizens to use our voices and our learning to stand up for the rights of children who are forced to work and whose childhoods are lost on construction sites, in looking after siblings, in illegal factory settings and in hotels and restaurants,” said CRY Volunteer Krishna Singh, and independent professional who has been a CRY volunteer for the past year in campaigning against child labour.
Through the year the citizens of Maharashtra will use various events to build a voice for Child Rights, one event at a time, one person at a time. “This campaign will not stop till children are assured of their right to a present AND a future”, avows Havovi Wadia, Manager, Child Rights and You.
CRY volunteers will go to bookshops, colleges, schools, communities, through the months of June and July to encourage people to actively support the right of all children to go to school, not work
All the photo signatures will be part of a short film to be uploaded on the Internet on August 15th. Copies of the photo signatures and the film will be sent to the Labour Commissioner, the Department of Women and Child Department, MPs and MLAs in Mumbai.

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