Protecting India’s Most Vulnerable Children During Crisis Times

Published on August 19, 2020

Protecting India’s Most Vulnerable Children

The Coronavirus outbreak continues to drive unprecedented challenges across the world. And while India has taken necessary measures to control the spread of the virus, the on-going nationwide lockdown has left underprivileged communities and their children even more vulnerable than before.

The immediate impact of the pandemic is visible with the mass migration of daily wagers who have lost their livelihoods. With no money to buy provisions and the absence of midday meals due to the closure of schools and ICDS centers, they are struggling to provide for their families – a situation that is not only causing unbearable hunger but also putting their children, who’re already undernourished, at the risk of severe malnutrition. With lowered immunity due to such malnutrition and the lack of access to hygiene supplies and healthcare facilities, they are even more vulnerable to this disease.

At CRY, we’ve jumped into action to ensure that the communities we serve stay safe by distributing hygiene kits and dry rations in addition to spreading awareness on preventative measures and available medical facilities.

Our Relief Response

Scale of Impact

Our tactical relief intervention has been focusing on 3 key areas with the aim to impact 3.5 lakh underprivileged children and their families:

Dry Rations: Includes cereal, dal, oil, sugar, salt, potatoes, and soy chunks to ensure basic nutrition for children and their families.

Hygiene Kits: Includes soaps, sanitizers, face masks, gloves, sanitary napkins, and study materials in addition to protective gear and disinfectant supplies for government healthcare workers.

Awareness Generation: About preventative measures, recommended hygiene practices, and information about available medical facilities and government schemes.

Status On DisbursalsDisbursal StatusAs of 17th August, 2020

Going The Extra Mile

Over and above our direct relief measures, CRY project teams and volunteers have been mobilizing communities and authorities alike, with the help of our partners and supporters, to take action for children at every level and ensure that relief packages reach the most marginalized families.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the impact we’ve been able to create:

Migrant Worker Support

Hygiene & Healthcare





An Appeal For Help

It’s going to be a long road ahead and we need YOUR help.

Support our fight against the lasting impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on India’s underprivileged children and help contribute to the larger solution that could give them a brighter future.

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