“Prakash, along with his sister, are being taken care of by their grandmother, Kamakshi. Having been disowned by their parents owing to their own marital discord, the children now stay with their grandmother in Nochikuppam. An abusive father and a lackadaisical mother have ensured that Prakash has not been able to study or even appear for his exams. The child

is distant, withdrawn and refused to share much about him or what his fears were. With much persuasion, however, the child divulged that his teachers used to manhandle him, and that this is the reason he dropped out and is vehement against going back to the school. Earning the child’s trust and forming a bond with the child was the first step to bring him out of his shell, and ensure that he started talking about his problems.

His younger sister Shakeela, of about the same age as him, goes to St. Raphael’s Higher Secondary School, and so, his grandmother wanted to ensure that he has a good education too. However, to keep him occupied, his grandmother has made him take up a menial job as a painter in Taramani. After much counseling, we were successful in convincing Prakash and some of his friends, Selva, Sathish and Kalidasan, who were also drop outs, to visit the nearby govt. school and meet with the teachers as a first step to warm them up to the idea of rejoining school.
On meeting the teachers and seeing some of their friends already studying, they welcomed the idea of going back to school. They were delighted to see some of their friends there and started playing with them in the ground. Having met their respective class teachers and on seeing their class rooms they were thrilled to get enrolled.

We are extremely happy to have helped enroll Prakash, Sathish, Selva and Kalidasan into 9th, 8th and 6th standards respectively”.

– Ishwarya Daggubati and Vani Balasubramaniam, CRY Interns – Chennai

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