Stanza 1

If I could die of boredom,
I would die brushing my teeth
Thank God, it’s a good thing I’m not bored.
If I could die of boredom,
Heavens would sing for me.
Men would dance for me.
I would tap my feet to the rhythm of the moonbeams,
And dance under showers of moon dust.

I’m bored.

Stanza 2

I will die of boredom
I’ve been resurrected by entertainment many times before,
I can’t wait to die again.
There’s so much pleasure in pain.
Pain to my near ones,
Pain to my dear ones,
Pain to my lovers,
Pain to my friends,
Pain to my teachers,
Pain to my students,
Pain to my children,
Pain to my pet fish,
Pain in my world.
I feel no pain.
There is no end.

Stanza 3

If I could die of boredom
I wouldn’t have to explain,
You will hear my voice till you are bored.
She will not die, because she will leave
Alcohol saved her marriage.
If I could die of boredom
I will love for seven lives
I want to sleep through my nightmares
I want to look for a job.
I want to work for money.
I want to save my assets, do you?
I want to smell the roses;
I want my leisure amongst the daffodils.
I want love at first sight.
Stanza 4

It’s good I haven’t died of boredom
The traffic light says don’t walk
I still have to listen
The birds are flying and singing.
The trees are swaying at different speeds.
My phone rings,
Again I say, hello
Wait! There’s the law.
I must cross fast.
It’s loud and crowded.
My thoughts are taking shape of automobiles, cars, buses, tricycles.
I stop thinking; a child is crossing the road.
It’s time to move on.

Stanza 5

I say to the child.
Baby, please don’t mind that I’m holding you back
I’m so happy to meet you
The stop signal is showing
Are you in a terrible hurry my friend?
The child speaks, do you have some water sister?
I say, I’m old enough to be your mother.
I go on
Let me take you home now
We can play and sing for joy
You can watch cartoons on T.V.
You can eat popcorn and watch films with your friends
When you are older, you can have lots of things
Computers, books, toys, candy.
Do you like vegetables?
What’s your name?
Where do you live?
You don’t need to go across the road yet do you?
My name is…
What! What did you say sweetie?
My name is…
I still can’t hear you
Can you say it slower
My name is Bhavya
Look lets walk to the zebra crossing
I’ve seen you here before
You’ve given me water
You were sitting at the restaurant outside
I was begging for money
You offered me water
I accepted it and someone saw us,
The other children of this traffic signal all know each other.
You gave us a bottle and told us to fill it from
water tanks that leak.
We laughed because you spoke the truth
Your friend said something.
Your friend said something.
You told your friend water is free,
Just one minute.
Let’s cross the road now
We need to go to the other side.
You’ll have so much fun at my house
You’ll see Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin and Jay Leno and the
Flintstones and cartoon network.
Ok, said the child.
First thing we’ll do when we go home
Is give you a bath, get you something to eat and
Put you in bed.
My sister lives next to the bus stop
Can I say goodbye to her?
Yes you can,
Are you bored yet?

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