Give me a pencil.
I want to write,
Whatever be my wish
What is my right.
My thoughts will flow
And I will grow,
Every moment I want to learn
And it will be full of fun.

Give me a box of crayons.
I want to paint,
The sun, trees and the sky
My aim is so high.

Every corner of nature
Past, present and future,
Everything will come alive
And I will find joy in that vibe.

Give me a playground.
I want to play.
I want to run
It’s never-ending fun.
I want to giggle
With my friends,
Happiness is a blessing
It never ends.

But don’t give me bricks
I can’t bear that weight.
Don’t give me goods
I can’t manage to sell.
Don’t give me utensils
I can’t wash that well.
I am so little, I feel so tired,
I only want to be a free bird.

I need only your love
I need only your concern,
I need loving people
who will respect my wish.
Don’t take away my childhood
Don’t take away my freedom,
A little bud can grow
If it can happily blossom.

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