By- Ashim Kumar Ghosh
“MORE TUNE MORE KOTHANI”………..I will express my view in my language, in my voice, a small child is saying in own voice to the adult society in AKASHWANI…. (Voices in Air), one of the powerful tool for mass media and mass community education in rural areas of the most backward region of Orissa and challenging the feudal society- I have a right to express and also have right to give direction and compelling society to think again and again “where is my right, why I am neglected, why I am being exploited, my voices are more stronger then you, listen my voice in Radio, surprise for you, observe my talent and recognize me I am at present and future, I will protect and preserve the human values in social transformation process”……………. Child Community Radio

Child rights and You (CRY) in partnership with Chale Chalo (registered NGO) has taken an Initiative on Child Community Radio in Nuapada district of the Orissa state. It is an attempt to use the mass media tool “radio” for making the voices of the voiceless deprived children in rural area of the most backward region of the Orissa with the prime objective to address the issues of child rights with the perception of child participation angle. Children can use the child platform for organizing their own feeling on their own issues and exploitation and can express their struggle, joy, interest, childhood, talent and rights in the adult dominated society in very innovative way through formation of thematic episode and broadcasting the idea through the All India Radio Station of Bhawanipatna and covering the population of three most backward districts (Kalahandi, Bolangir and Nuapada) of Orissa. It has become the most powerful tool in region to show the talent as well compelled the adult driven society to think and act for the development of the children. It is a platform where children are identifying the issues like- pains during the child migration with the parents, schools are far away from village therefore drop out, violence attitude of parents when drunk, marriage in early age therefore survival and development of children are in stake, pains of working children, ready to take education but the school and basic infrastructure is lacking and therefore denied right to education……….etc. and accordingly children is developing the contents in form of songs and script writing collectively at village child rights club. The contents are being recorded in recorders at community level in the presence of village gathering where the parents, teacher and other stake holders are as spectator and then formed the 30 minutes episode ready for broadcasting from the AIR station in the name of “MORE TUNE MORE KOTHANI” (my voices in my language). Contents for 30 minutes episode is being developed at community level with the participation of children on child rights issues and broadcasted in 1000 sq. km area on land. After broadcasting at scheduled time the episode is going for narrowcasting at target area from where the issues are being raised for the debate and discussion at adult level for action and making change in the life of children.

Child Community Radio that perceives listeners not only as receivers and consumers, but also as active citizens and creative producers of media content, in contrast to the mainstream radio has a centralised program production, which is unable to cater to the specific requirements of the rural population in terms of language, program content and concerns of the masses. Child Community radio is filling this vacuum. It has developed the confidence among the children and got the recognition by the community. There are so many children those are far away from the place of recording they are also responding to the programme through postcard and accepted the tool as powerful for expressing the child view in child language and they also desire to take participation in the process.

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