From Canada to CRY, working for community development

With this article, we kickstart a new series of interviews and testimonials from our dedicated CRY interns and volunteers. Volunteering is at the very heart of CRY which was born with Rs. 50 and 7 friends sitting around a dining table wanting to do something. Over the years, as we work to

bring lasting change in the lives of children across India, we continue to recognize the drive and enthusiasm interns and volunteers bring to the cause. But what makes them tick and what is their motivation to get involved? Find out here- presenting Ajay Ram, a Community Health Worker who found his way to the CRY Chennai office all the way from Canada.

What led you to come and intern with us at CRY- miles and miles from Canada?
After experiencing some challenging circumstances, I now find myself back in India (also my home country) for an extended period of time. Community development has always been my passion in some form. While in high school (Mumbai), I volunteered with some grass roots organizations that were supported by CRY. So, I remember seeing their logo early on in my life.
However, I only came to appreciate how CRY operates as an organization after working for a health and community service organization in Canada (Access Alliance M.C.H.S.). Through my experiences in Canada, I quickly learnt the importance of using research and client data to improve programs and have an overall greater impact. CRY understands this benefit of research.
As an intern I look for a learning opportunity that goes beyond my role. CRY continues to help me understand the big picture of child rights issues in India. This is only possible through their extensive research and involvement around these issues.

What according to you are the biggest challenges to ensuring a healthy childhood for all children in India?
In order to ensure a healthy childhood, for any child in this world, a society would have to provide access to: healthcare, family and friends, education and extracurricular activities, diversity and social inclusion, and child friendly communities. These are just some of the things that come to mind. I am sure I will learn even more while I am at CRY.

What has been your most memorable moment at CRY?
No one moment for now. However, I have had the opportunity of traveling across this city to meet various heads of universities and colleges. It has been interesting to understand these institutions.

If you had to sum up your experience at CRY in a few words, what would you say?
I can sum up my experience in one word, humbling. I have had the opportunity to meet some very dedicated volunteers, impressively knowledgeable staff and group of bright children.

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