From Fighting Depression to Being Herself!

13 year old Tithi is known to be the tomboy amongst her peer group. From the slums of south Dumdum Municipality, she lives with her father, grandmother and sister. Her mother left the family last year, leaving Tithi depressed and confused.

For someone already facing issues with peers for not conforming to the gender norms so prevalent in her society, her mother leaving was a big hit to Tithi. Tithi’s mother was the only one in her family who encouraged her passion for dance and left with a father who is detached from them and barely even sees them, her confidence in herself and her abilities dwindled. She was shy and unable to even ask doubts in the classroom.

The one saving grace for her was her connection with the Muktadhara programme of Praajak. Tithi feels that at Muktadhara she gets respect, her passion is recognised and appreciated. Unlike at school, she was not discriminated or stigmatised because of her appearance.

Today, at Mukhtadara, she takes initiative, provides leadership to programs, and undertakes library sessions. All these processes have helped her to progress with her education too. While earlier she would skip school and roam around the streets to avoid interacting with her peers, the processes of Life Skills and Library processes has encouraged her to attend school and tuition regularly which has impacted positively on her school performance. Today, she doesn’t miss school for anything, has learnt to deal with issues that impact her and not shy away from them.

CRY, with the support of Genius Consultants Ltd has been partnering with Praajak to work towards bringing positive changes in the lives of children by developing a protective environment for children and enhancing their educational status.

Visit today, and you could make life easier for children like Tithi, for whom school is the game changer!

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