From the streets to school

Sanjana is in the 8th standard in a government aided school. She never misses her school and looks forward to going to school every morning where she learns new things, draws, plays and have a great time with her friends.
But two years back things were quite different. Since Sanjana belonged to Waghri community, a nomadic tribe that barters old clothes for utensils, she was often teased by her friends in school. She used be called ‘chindi chindi’ that irked her no end. Also whenever anything went missing, she was the one who was accused wrongly of theft. School had become a nightmare for her and eventually she stopped going to school. Life without school was far from being fun. She used to play on the streets, get into fights and wander aimlessly.
One day she happened to go to Hill road in Bandra where she saw a chaos happening on the street. when she went close she saw a lady who was from her community was being arrested by the police as she was found begging on the streets with her two kids. When sanjana went to speak to her and give her water as she had requested her, the police arrested Sanjana as well thinking that she too was begging.
 sanjana's mon and shabnam didi of halwa
When her parents got to know about this they approached Shabnam didi who is associated with HALWA. With Shabnam’s help her parents managed to get Sanjana back home. When the police asked that who would take the responsibility to ensure that Sanjana resumes school and does not end up loitering, it was Shabnam who assured them that she will ensure that Shabnam goes to school regularly a d does not roam the streets ever again.
She got her admitted to another school. Sanjana’s parents also realised that if her daughter would have continued her school she would not have had the time or the need to roam the streets aimlessly and while away time doing nothing and they would not have had to see this day.
They were struck with the realisation that education is a necessity. Not an option.
Sanjana is a regular student in her school, a favourite of her teacher and wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
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