FULL-Fight Undernourishment Little by Little aims at giving 18,000 children a healthy, wholesome future, by activating healthcare centres, providing nutrition supplements and building health-awareness amongst women and children in India.

Shaheen, Sahiba, Shameem and Soni are among 13 severely malnourished girls in Dhannipur, a village in Varanasi. They weigh so little and are so weak that even a cold is fatal.

If they do live, the long-term ill effects last for life. Stunted growth, brittle bones, disease-prone and worst of all, them giving birth to unhealthy babies. What they need is the right dietary supplements at the right time, so they can tip the scales and be healthy again. So they can have a wholesome future.

Mohammed Idrish was forced to make the toughest choice of his life. Selling his loom, his only means of earning four square meals, to afford the health care his son Sahabuddin so desperately needed. Sahabuddin, aged two, weighed a measly six kilos, but carried the weight of poverty, hunger and deprivation on his little shoulders. The loom fetched Mohammed some extra money. But it didn’t last very long. And neither did his son. Unable to sustain themselves, several other weavers in Dhannipur face similar fate. What they need is the health care they are entitled to, so their children can lead full lives.
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Not having the right nutrition at the right time has life-altering effects during the first two years of a child’s life. Causing irreversible damage and in most cases, death, malnutrition is fast claiming children’s lives across the country. There is no better time to reach out, than now.

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Together with our supporters,CRY has ensured activation of healthcare centres, provision of nutrition supplements and awareness-building activities across several regions in India.
Right Food – Right Health Care – Right Nourishment- Bright Future! This is what every child deserves & this is what we aim for every child.
Every little step can help bring a child closer to a happy, full life. Take one now.
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