Going the extra mile…

CRY – Child Rights and You has partnered with Marks and Spencers to ensure lasting change in the lives of underprivileged children in the country. While customers of Marks and Spencers are encouraged to donate the change from their billed amount towards the cause of child rights, sometimes, we come across beautiful stories of extraordinary human beings that we cannot resist ourselves from sharing.

Manisha Tripathi works in the South Extension store of the M&S chain and assists customers with their shopping. At this instance, Manisha not only helped a regular customer buy everything she was looking for, suggested alternatives and best fits, but also helped changed the negative impression the customer’s relative bore in her mind about other stores.

What happened next was beyond anyone’s imagination. Extremely satisfied with her service and impressed by her behaviour, the customer tipped generously to Manisha.

And here’s where we realised how big a heart Manisha has! She had earlier donated a tip of Rs. 6000 to CRY and this time as well, she donated the entire tip amount to the cause of children’s rights.

Thank you Manisha for always going the extra mile for the children of our country. In your own special way, you have made a huge difference to the lives of many, and touched many hearts for sure!


If you too wish to make a difference, please visit www.cry.org

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