Internship with CRY NGO

An internship with an NGO is a great way to play an important role in shaping the way Child Rights progresses in our country. A rewarding opportunity, to work closely with causes that affect humanity in an impactful way. Making a difference by way of an internship is a great way to start working for something meaningful, a trait that helps when making future life choices.

Children born in difficult circumstances in India often find themselves stuck in situations that are less than favorable. At CRY, we believe in child rights for three reasons, seeing as the alternatives are unjust, illegal and ineffective. Child marriage and early marriage in India are still a considerable problem. Child labour, malnutrition, poverty, child trafficking, illiteracy and other evils continue to plague society.

Every child is born with a set of fundamental rights, which include the right to education, care, leisure, protection from exploitation, abuse and neglect and right to life, health, nutrition, name and nationality. Making sure that children achieve these dreams is our priority. And for that to happen, every member of society needs to collectively step forward and take responsibility.

Interning with CRY provides a unique opportunity to the intern to put into practice their theoretical knowledge of development issues. A more grounded and reality-based understanding of child right challenges, as well as opportunities to conceptualise volunteer programs proves advantageous. Skills like advocacy, researching, campaigning and networking become enhanced, due to the work involved. And most importantly, it provides an opportunity to take action for child rights on a daily basis.

Work with CRY and gain important knowledge, and develop professional skills by way of pragmatic experience. The opportunity to establish and foster relationships with working professionals can be useful for your career.

At the end of a working day, the most important question to ask yourself is “Do I believe in what I am working for? Does it really make me happy?’ If you can positively answer that question, then you are definitely on the right track. If making a positive difference in the lives of children is what provides contentment, it’s great.

The importance of augmenting the quality of life for these children cannot be stressed enough. It is important that the issues they face are worked upon, so society can provide for them, what circumstances took away.

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