Though it has been decades since India has gained Independence, the children are yet to celebrate their freedom from serious health issues like child malnutrition and high child mortality rates. While there has been economic progress, this progress seems to not have touched the lives of thousands of underprivileged children in India who still fight the same battles as their

generations before have done.

Child malnutrition is a concern that the children of India are grappling with over years. The main cause for it is the high infant mortality rate.

On the occasion of World Health Day, celebrated every year on April 7th, we at CRY seek to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children across India who lack access to nutritious food.

In an earlier blog, we talked about the debilitating effects of malnutrition on children which includes permanent disabilities and a weak immune system. The importance of the right kind of nutrition at a young age cannot be stressed upon enough. Sadly, people in backward regions of the country remain unaware of this, leading to the shocking fact that 1 in every 2 children in India are malnourished. Diseases like malaria, diarrhoea etc claim the lives of these young children because their bodies lack the essential nutrients and the strength to fight them. And it doesn’t help that they do not have access to good health care services either.

Children are the future of the country and if more than half of the next generation of leaders, scientists and artists of the country grow up battling deficiencies and health problems, the country’s growth could be severely affected.  Child malnutrition in India is a very serious problem and though the government has taken measures to tackle the issue, it has not made much progress. The need of the hour is to unite as a society and ensure that we invest on the early development of children who are the future of the society.

CRY works at grassroots level with projects across India to save the lives of the 1.3 million children who die each year because of malnutrition and its effects ( Data as per World Health Organisation). With workshops and awareness camps teaching mothers in rural and urban areas about the right nutritional practices and by ensuring high quality mid-day meals for children from poor families, we are doing our best to tackle this problem.

But there are miles to go before we can create the kind of impact we want to. You can also help further our efforts by donating towards this cause or volunteering with our outreach programs and regional projects. Help us make a difference in the lives of millions of children in India today. Help us bring about a change!

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