“Pardesi…Pardesi jana nahi…… muje chodke….muje chodke………”,like this, they go on singing non-stop, from one end to another.And hey…they have background music too.Not the kind that you think.Not the kind that man invented,but standard instruments that man hadn’t thought of during the Flintstone age- two pebbles or two pieces of a wood are all what they use and the music it

creates is so loud and clear.probably,their musical instruments aid to disguising their non-professional voice to an extent as well.hehe….okok.Jokes apart.And you thought they were singing for pleasure??No.Not.They are not professionals and they do not get paid the amount they demand.Hence, they have only one option- plead you to pay.If you deny, they ask you one time,two time,three time.And still if you don’t, they do not reciprocate.They walk on,singing another song( or may be the same song in a different tune),and like this they move on…. They have to…..because they have a quantum to be met for their one night’s supper.I know that you know as to whom I was referring to all the while!But hey!Let us co-relate this with another aspect.They sing on the platform (even the former sings on the platform…but – on the railway platform or in trains…..!!!).They sing a solo,duet,in groups and not merely sing,but perform as well.They make their entry as non-professionals and gradually gain professionalism throughout the show.They are not just watched by people but are encouraged and judged as well.Judges evaluate them on the basis of words such as sangathi,tempo,punch etc (whose meanings I am still ignorant about) and then,after each performance the singer pleads you to pay- not directly,but by way of votes.And they have to do that,for the channel has to meet its quantum fixed!Again, I know that you know what I am referring to.With so many similarities and very less points to differentiate the two,I have just one doubt now –If the term we normally use to refer to the former is ‘beggary’, then what do we term the latter as???? THINK!

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