It smiled the fullest and cried the loudest…
I can clearly see her gleaming with joy,
whenever she saw new people surrounding her…
chirping chirping and chirping.. without taking any break
without any perception of front stage, back stage..
and without being fake,
She laughs at you for being silly
for being unaware of the use of paracetamol,
and for not touching the feet of elders…
She used to think everyone she can laugh with..
everyone she can share her worries and sorrows with..
she used to think she can share her Love with everyone..
even the passerby… She was the most happiest kid
Just like every other kids..
raised and nurtured by reading the stories of
Thakumar Jhuli, Panchatantra to Aesop’s Fables..
She forgot when was the first time,
she was touched by an unknown aged guy when she was 8 or 9?
She forgiven that adolescent boy who thought he can play with this little girl
She forgot the name of that tuition teacher,
who used to praise her for no proper reasons…
She overcome every dilemma she went through…

She smiles the fullest and cries the loudest..
and does not miss her childhood..
because she has just started being childish,
fading away all the social constructs..
keep painting on the walls along with her sister..
writing tables and engraving the names of the loved ones used to be her favourite pass time.. and it still does.
She is happy..  happy to be disliked,
happy to be liked and happy to be loved.
and anything inhuman still makes her weep…

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