A Monsoon Camp Soaked in History

CRY Volunteers held a Monsoon Camp with the students of Jai Bai School, Vithalwadi, Mumbai. The focal theme of the camp was history and it was held over two consecutive weekends.

The guest speaker Mr. Pratik. P. Kadam conducted a session on storytelling which the kids enjoyed immensely and responded with lots of questions and cheers.

He engaged the children with stories about Shivaji’s battles of Pratapgarh and Lal Mahal and encouraged them to be inquisitive. There was a quiz conducted by Alisha, another volunteer, on historical places and personalities where the kids learnt about healthy competition.


CRY partnered the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya who have a unique initiative called the Museum on Wheels, a Bus with mobile exhibitions on different themes, which change periodically. The exhibition highlights important developments in the history of India through objects. They also focus on the scientific process of investigation which helped in building history from material and oral sources.


On the second day the children were shown a documentary on the Harappan, Lothal and Mohenjo Daro Civilization. It portrayed the rich culture of these civilisations and spoke about how highly developed they were. They also organized a Coin Moulding Session with clay where the kids could make their own coins.

The food for the camp was sponsored by Faasos, the food joint and the children were thrilled with the wraps they got to gorge upon! The employees from Faasos also volunteered for the activity and participated in the games and other sessions with the children.


“I studied in a convent which means I’ve gone through my share of moral science classes. But what started as a boring class ended up with us meeting several wonderful, bright children- albeit underprivileged- who could do so much more with their life if opportunities are lent to them. As a student we raised funds with CRY every year and now, having placed at a place where I can make a bigger difference, I could think of no other but CRY. Thank you for bridging the gap,” is how Rukmini Ray Kadam, employee at Faasos sums up her experience.

Photo credits – www.photonaut.in

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