Moving mountains for children

Published on September 2, 2020

Moving mountains for children

Stories have the power to bring about phenomenal change, and in this case – a government order! Here’s an inspiring story shared by Vatsala Mamgain (Director – Resource Mobilization, CRY).

Before the pandemic hit, the Education Department in Rajasthan was able to provide free sanitary napkins to school girls. But due to the on-going crisis, the accessibility and availability to it were reduced drastically. Tackling the issue on the district level, our partners in Udaipur advocated tirelessly with the district offices to ensure its free availability again. With the sheer conviction of our partners towards the cause, the order was passed to the Education Department and free sanitary napkins were delivered to not just the girls from CRY project areas but nearly to 450000 who were registered with the Education Department in Udaipur.

Taking inspiration from this, our partners in Ajmer advocated for the same facility to be extended to girls in the Ajmer district and it was yet another moment of pride and happiness for our partners. But what followed was even more spectacular – with a go-ahead on these 2 orders, CRY advocated with the Chairman of the Rajasthan State Commission For Protection of Child Rights for a similar order to be passed for ALL of Rajasthan. And the outcome – all girls from standard 6-12 will now be able to access sanitary napkins at their doorstep.

We’re SO inspired by their dedication towards keeping children healthy and safe!

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