Not An Easy Job!

Responsibilities. We often complain about the burden they create on us.

Today, let us introduce you to someone who gracefully accepts every task and every duty that is thrown at her and then walks an extra mile or two to support her school.

Meet the Head Mistress of Sri Satyanarayana Primary School, a government school in Bangalore.


Her school does not have enough teaching staff. So she administers her duties as the Head Mistress, teaches two other classes and also substitutes for the only other teacher whenever necessary.


Every day, she teaches this class after which she gives them work while she goes back into her office to complete her administrative duties.


But while engaging in the tasks assigned to her, she also works with the students to ensure that they are not losing out on their education.


As Head Mistress and teacher, she is visible in almost every part of the school, at some point of the day, leaving her mentally and physically exhausted on a daily basis, due to the lack of teachers assigned to this school. Yet, every day, she shows up with a smile on her face; ready to take on her duties.

We’re thoroughly inspired by her. Are you?

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