Nita (name changed to protect identity) is a 16-year old young girl who stays in a village near Ajmer. Nita’s mother was murdered by her father at the age of 9. Since then Nita’s been brought up by her grandparents.

As Nita started growing up, her relatives started putting pressure on her for marriage.

Her grandparents also gave up in front of the relatives and agreed for her marriage and her uncle fixed her engagement without her consent but Nita had a “Never giving up” attitude. She used her studies as a tool and postponed her engagement.

CRY supported project Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti was in contact with Nita all the time. She used to share each and everything with the community mobilizers of the organization. The community mobilizers made her believe that her decisions were right and they are in full support with her. She started attending the adolescent girls group regularly and brought other young girls with her and shared the struggle of her life openly with everyone. She is an inspiration for others and give others courage to do what’s right according to them.

Presently, Nita studies in class XII and wants to continue her studies. She does not want to be dependent on anyone and wants to be a strong independent lady. Nita is an active member of our adolescent girls group. She talks to other girls in the group and tries to understand their problem and try to solve them as well.

There have been many ups and downs in Nita’s life. She was deprived of her parent’s love and care at a very young age. Still she has had the courage to take a step against the societal norms and do what is right. She is an inspiration for other young girls in her community and her struggle will continue.

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