Not a Mean Feat!

Schooling is not as simple as it may seem.  But if given the opportunity, you can shine! Hear it from Farhana Dildar Saiyed, who has made her parents proud by being the only member in her family to have passed 12th grade.

A regular day of my life

Q: What you do every day – how is each day spent?

A: Entire day goes in household work and conducting tuition classes.


Q: What is the best part of your day? Why?

A: Whenever I find time to read, its the best time of the day.


Q: Is there any part of the day that you don’t like so much? Why?

A: I don’t like household work much.


My school experience:

Q: What do you love about going to school?

A: Studying


Q: Which are the subjects that you enjoy and which ones do you not like?

A: I like biology and the subject I don’t like was chemistry.


Q: Is it important for you to get an education? Why? How will it help you? How will it help your family?

A: I like to study because through education I will get good salary to support my family.


Q: Did you face any difficulties going to school?

A: We face difficulties in paying fees and many times my parents have taken loan on interest.


Q: Have there been any times when you have thought about dropping out of school or actually dropped out? If yes, then why?

A: Many times I felt like dropping out of school but my parents they have supported me a lot.


Q: Describe how you felt when you passed 10th/12th.

A: In my family nobody is educated and I am the first person to study science in 12th std.


Q: What do your parents think about you going to school and getting an education? Tell me what they said to you when you completed 10th/12th

A: They were always happy and proud of my education and they would like to help other children.


Q: Till what year are you planning to study? Why? What are the challenges you think you will face in continuing your education?

A: Wanted to become a doctor but due to less percentage I will study for another 5 years. Financial and social struggle is always a challenge.



My future, my aspirations

Q: What are the qualities, abilities and strengths that you would like to have?

A: Honesty, sincerity, and helping nature. Reading ability and moving forward.


Q: What is it that you want to do in your life? Who do you want to be?

A: Qualified nurse to help others.


Q: How do you plan to accomplish your dreams? What do you have to do?

A: Work hard and concentrate on responsibility.


Q: What do you think would be the hurdles/impediments in achieving your dreams?

A: Financial and social hurdles.


Q: What could be the solutions to these challenges?

A: At present I have to constantly work on the challenges, when I will start earning at that time people will tell my parents they are depending on my income.


Q: What support do you need to achieve your dreams?

A: (From my parents) I should not come under any social pressure; (From society) I want more motivation and encouragement; (From the government) Better support from Government as far as Muslim girls are concerned


Farhana is from the intervention area of CRY partner Sahyog Charitable Trust, Gujarat

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